Wyandotte Clinic for the Working Uninsured


Mission Statement

The mission of the Wyandotte Clinic for the Working Uninsured, PC is to provide quality primary medical care to the working poor. The Clinic exists to help adult uninsured workers improve and maintain good health by providing primary and preventive care, education and/or referral so that they may continue to work to support themselves and their families.


The number of uninsured working adults continues to grow and has impacted Southeastern Michigan and metropolitan Detroit areas more severely than most due to our industrial and manufacturing environment. As jobs vanish and more businesses are forced to cut back expenses, health care coverage continues to diminish. Due to the emergent healthcare crisis, national and state initiatives are being developed to provide assistance for the uninsured, however, the need on the local level is not being answered. Therefore, addressing health care for the growing uninsured population has become a priority. The intention is to provide appropriate and prompt primary and preventive care thereby decreasing the burden on local hospital Emergency Rooms by addressing patients, medical needs before they become acute. The care is delivered by volunteer doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who donate their time to help the community.

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Wyandotte Clinic for Working Uninsured